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May 27

I was wondering if you could answer me the following question. We are looking at a $435,000 property. The mortgage info. with the listing states that with 25% down($108,750) at a 5 year, 2.3% variable rate amortized over 25 years, the payments would be $1441 per month. Could you tell me what the payments would be with 50% down? I would appreciate your reply asap. Thanks.

posted by rick croft to Karen Fritz, AMP  ::  Views (2640)
Hi Rick, I only just received the automatic email with your question - but I am noticing the date as being sent May 27th... so I apologize for the delay in getting back to you and hope that this isn't finding you too late! In order for you to put 50% down (5 year, 2.3% variable rate, 25 year... [ more ]
Dec 2

The units at 13 275 First ST. at $10.00 per square that is advertised on your web page ; how large are the units ? I'm looking for a small office unit 600 to 1000 sq ft. What is the TMI costs?

posted by Irene to Karen Fritz, AMP  ::  Views (2540)
Hi Irene, The unit is 2330 sq.ft. and the MIT is $8.00.  It may be possible to divide the space.  You can email Alex Hunter at for more info. Thanks for your question! [ more ]
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