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Updated Friday, July 15, 2011  ::  Views (4399)

Why use a Local REALTOR®

Local Specialized Knowledge: Data
REALTORS® in their respective trading areas have access to detailed data pertaining to listings and sales in that area. There is also historical data available to aid in the various tasks necessary with the listing and sales process. This actual data is bolstered by wealth of "common" knowledge within the ranks of veteran real estate salespeople who are a valuable source of resource material.
Local Specialized Knowledge: The Extras
REALTORS® in specific trading areas are also very knowledgeable of municipal, legislative and other governmental factors/applicability that directly affect value, salability and usability of the given property. An example of this would be the knowledge that the Nottawasaga Valley and Grey Sauble Conservation Authority may need to be consulted for a building permit near a watercourse in certain areas. This matter would be discussed and usually made a condition of any written agreement, to allow a buyer time to investigate and satisfy themselves as to the affect of such developmental control. In addition to the above factors, local REALTORS® operating in a predominantly rural area would be very familiar with well, well water and septic clauses.
Electronic Lock Boxes
Long a progressive and technologically inclined group, GTREB adopted a board-wide policy which made electronic lock boxes mandatory for all listings. This policy ensures security, while improving access to our various listings. Issues of credibility and accountability are also greatly improved by this policy: REALTORS® can track who accessed a lockbox, when it was opened and for how long, for every showing. Statistics may be gleaned from these devices, which is provided to the membership. Examples of this are graphs of Board-wide showing activity over the year and time of day graphs of same.
Local Contact Benefits
GTREB REALTORS® have built relationships with local contractors, legal professionals and governmental authorities. These relationships benefit our buyers and sellers in many ways. From preparing a property for listing, building a home, obtaining legal advice, or investigating the uses or legality of an existing property, local real estate professionals know who to call, when. These associations help our clients meet their goals of selling, leasing or buying a property.
Production Specialists
More of a combination of all of the above, GTREB REALTORS® are intrinsically linked to the products they sell. They live here. They know what it takes to list and sell the various types of real estate in this area. The diverse nature of our property types and areas requires a great deal of co-ordination and action, often behind the scenes. Research occurs before each showing; offer preparation is distinct for each type of property and successful closings increasingly require a skillful touch with a variety of associated professionals. Specific local expertise and skills are important in each phase of the sales process. From condominiums to farms from chalets to bungalows, GTREB REALTORS® are knowledgeable, trustworthy and capable.

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